Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Learning Log 4.1: "Human Err"

Throughout life you read & see certain things that constantly stay in your memory. I see a big, red octagon & I think "STOP". Well what if that stop sign didn't say anything (which sometimes they don't)? What if it said "GO"? I would probably still stop. Certain behaviors and reactions will always be in your brain & 9 times out of 10 you will react to them like most human beings who have learned the same habits.

There is a pizza company called Peace of Pizza that makes a killer slice. The first time I ever visited one, there was a glowing neon sign in the window that said "Sorry, We're Open". The first thing I saw was "Sorry" which immediately made me turn around and leave in sadness. But then I put a few things together. The lights are on, employees are behind the counter, it's no where near closing hours for any store around here, & there are customers inside! But this was after really thinking about the situation. My initial reaction was that they were closed by just the word sorry. My mind didn't even consider all the other variables.

Oh the human mind.

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