Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Learning Log 3.1: "Knowledge in the Head and in the World"

I am the queen of losing things! The only way I stay organized is by having a daily planner, & a drawer where I throw all of my useless yet important things. Sometimes I don't clean my room for awhile because I know that I've thrown things I need in certain places & don't want to tidy up not knowing later where I put these things. In 6th grade it was discovered that I had A.D.D. I was definitely becoming an abnormally absent minded kid the older I got. I took the prescribed meds for a few years & got less than extraordinary results. When I got into high school, I made an adult to decision to stop using the artficial mind enhancers & just learn how to deal with it on my own. I did this in hopes of training my mind to function efficiently when it came to problem solving/ It may have taken me an extra 1/2 hour to study and memorize information but if that's how I was going to learn, I was happy dealing with it.

When it comes to usernames & passwords for the internte I always keep it the same. I remember when iw as younger I would try & come up with a cool nckname & password to coorilate to whatever site I wanted to join. That was a pain int he ass. I had to make a word document of all my sign-in informations. Now I just stick simply to one name & one password.

It's been years since I stop taking ADD meds & over time I have learned the best ways to avoid running into mental blocks on my own. I keep an organizer with me at all times so I don't forget important dates & assignments. I constantly make myself "to-do" lists & even write them on my mirror so as not to forget it. I've turned into an organized maniac & i'm fine with that. If that's what will make me function as a better more coordinated person, I'm happy with that. This is oneof those instances I don't mind adapting to the world & what it gives me.

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