Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Learning Log 2.2: "The Psychology of Everyday Actions"

I recently bought a steamer for my clothes. I had been in the market for one for quite some time since every time I used an iron I would either ruin my clothes or never quite get all the wrinkles out. This was especially hard on my delicate fabrics. Frustrated and ready to move on I finally bought one, the cheapest one they had at $30. I couldn't wait to get home & try the thing. It seemed like a no brainer, I didn't need to look at the manual for this one. It was basically a hose attached to a water container that plugged into the wall & had an on/off switch. It was possibly the most well spent $30 in long time. I hung my clothes up on the door hanger device provided and steamed those nasty wrinkles away. Finally I could nice looking shirts without worrying about ruining any of them.

This is a great example of a good design. There were only 3 elements to it: the hose, the container, & the switch. There was a handle that was conveniently located at the top sot hat when it came time to fill it up, it was easy to cart over to the nearest sink. The hose was long enough and short enough so that it didn't get tangled. All-in-all a simple well made machine that serves one purpose.

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