Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Learning Log: Too Much Info at

Websites are designed to be easily accessible & informative to better serve a customer or consumer. In order to assure that no stone goes unturned as far as information goes, there is one website that has it plastered all over their website: I think the website is great. It's got almost every product available at the tip of your hands. I remember a time when mazon was strictly books, CDs, and Barnes Nobles related goods. Then something happened, & now they have everything! Electronics, TVs, clothing, shoes, oh and hold on wait... grocery items. I assume now that they have all these different products, customers have had issues or concerns about them, so they have information up all over the place. Information about shipping, features & services, financing deals, best sellers lists, & advertisements. When the designer made this site they really saw the consumer at hand. Someone who is skeptical about on-line shopping (which most people were and still are) & wants to know every detaila bout the product your getting. On-line shopping is basically like shopping blind unless it's a product you've had before & are familar with the performance it gives.

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