Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Learning Log 1: "Affordances: Clarifying and Evolving a Concept"

When I read this article I get lost in the author's interpretation of Gibson's idea of what an affordance is. It seems like his idea is that an affordance is more of an action or part of a personality. He also seems to take a lot of his theories from nature. I don't quite understand his reasoning or structure beind his theories but maybe that is because I have chosen to lean more towards Norman's ideas. His ideas are clearly stated and very simple, like his approach to design. An affordance to him is something physical or something directly connect to whatever contraption we are using. It should be a mindless action in order to get what we want out of the use of said enitity.
If I were to compare this from a graphic designer's point of veiw I would use typefaces.
The font Helvetica is possibly one of the most famous and well-used fonts throughout history. It's sleek, timeless, & simple design makes it easy to read, user friendley, and design savy.

Gibson's points of view would be represented by a more hand drawn typeface. It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing or easy to read but it's an alternative and unique choice to a standard font. It has it's own personality which relates directly back to Gibson's views.

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