Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Show & Tell: Micro-chip Pills Tell You When It's Time

If there is one thing I am absolutely horrible at remembering to do is taking my vitamins. I've even gotten to the point where I use one of those pill organizers that my mom mom gave me. it's gotten tot he point where I just don't take them at all which is no good. It would be even worse if I had a vital medication I had to take daily. If only there was someway to remind yourself when it was time to take your meds/vitamins.

Great NEWS! Novartis is developing a micro-chip implanted pill that when swallowed will act as a tracking device. When the pill is ingested, it will then continually monitoring & inform the patient that they need to take their perscription if not done so on time. I see this as being a great idea for the oral birth control market. This will be done via text message. Also, this would be useful for patients who are reluctant to take their pills because of worrisome side-effects. Tests have proved that compliance went up from 30 to 80 percent in six months. Technology like this has already been taken into effect but not in a micro-sense. Other pharmacutical companies like Phizer have taken up a program in which they call patients to encourage them to take their meds. That sounds pretty annoying.

The only real problem with this concept is that for the older folks, ranging from 70-90, they probably done have cell phones or don't carry it around with them 24/7 like most of the younger generations. I think this is a great use of our technology and am excited ot see what advances occu int he medical world. Although their money & research is probably better set on cancer-research, I approve of this new medical development.

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