Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Learning Log 3.2: "Knowing What To Do"

Unfortunately our household has the pleasure of owning not one but two remote controls for the TV. Comcast has managed to devised one of the most confusing & un-usable remotes ever. Our television set itself has one remote. It's a long black smooth remote that is easy to hold in your hand, has big enough buttons that seem to be in all the right places, & the texture of the buttons themselves lets you get a good grip.
The Comcast remote for the cable box, on the other hand, is awful. It's long and bulky so that it fits like an awkward umbrella handle that is little to big for your hand. It's got tons of buttons as serving not only the purpose of the cable box but for the regular TV functions as well. The thing I hate the most fo this remote is when you try & use the bottons that are just for the TV, it barely works. For some reason when I try to turn down the volume ont he Comcast remote, the TV doesn't pick up it's signal as well & struggles to actually turn it down. I don't know if this is a battery issue or a signal reading issue but damnit, it should work properly! I end up using the black remote for the function the silver one cannot carry out. All together the remote has 55 buttons all each serving a certain purpose & half of them which I have no idea & don't really care to do. The black remote comes in close though, having 48 buttons. But for some reason the black remote has a most desirable feel & design which makes me want to use it.

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