Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Learning Log 1: The Psychopathology of Everyday Things

Reading the first chapter of this book, I find myself being able to relate to the topics of functionality & purpose of a certain object or interface a lot. I have been living in the same apartment in Philadelphia for a year now. It is a beautifully renovated home with hardwood floors and a chandelier. But for whatever reason, my landlord doesn't know how or where to properly install drawers. With 3 girls living in a house, we use a lot of space with a lot of things. So the fact that our kitchen had many cabinets in it was a big plus. Problem was, the awkward installation of them. Our kitchen is a 3 sided room completely open on the 4th side to the living & dining rooms. In the left hand corner of the kitchen sits the range & a bottom set of cabinet drawers and doors.
There is one top horizontal drawer and one rectangular side swinging door.
Problem is, the range sticks out so far that you cannot open the top drawer all the way out. The person who built this disguised this mistake by putting some sort of lock device on the inside so you can only pull the drawer out far enough so that my fingertips can fit. The drawer becomes a decoration and this goes for 2 others in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. My landlord tried so hard to squeeze in all of this 'useful' stuff that he dismissed the actual functions of the objects themselves.

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