Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Project 1: Redesigning "Buttercream Philadelphia"

I decided to redesign the website for Buttercream Philadelphia, which is the home of the cupcake lady. She rides around in a postal truck that's decked out in vinyl sprinkles & sells cupcakes out of her movable shop window. The website for it though is very poorly designed. Too many links & too much space. This site needs some condesing and a fun, simple make-over.

The cupcake lady (or Kate) likes to put a lot of non-sense information that makes this website feel 'homey'. That's the idea though, home-made cupcakes, from scratch. That doesn't mean the site has to be like that. I basically lessened the amount of links and dumped what was unnecessary like ramblings, pictures, & the fact that it takes a year to scroll down to the bottom of each page. Less is more! By reducing bulk, this website is easier to navigate & articulates information much better.


I'm basing my redesign off of two other Philadelphia pastry shops websites. Although I complained about Naked Chocolate's website previously, I appreciate their aesthetic–simple, clean, white display. There lack of information & accessability is my only concern. I am more basing my information distribution (and somewhat design) on Brown Betty Dessert Boutique. Unfortunately Brown Betty's website is currently down but I will be sure to post a screen shot as soon as it's back up. UPDATE: Brown Betty's Website

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