Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Learning Log 5.1: New Uses For Color

As soon as I started reading this article one thing came to my mind: food. Maybe it's because it's 12 noon and about that time for lunch. But the real reason is because it reminded me of the physiological study of color being directly related to humans appetite. Certain colors induce hunger.

If you take a look at a number of your favorite fast food joints, they use the colors red & yellow most readily in their interiors, exteriors, and logo design. These warm colors give us a sense of comfort and warmth. Red instantly attracts attention and it also makes people excited, energetic, and increases the heart rate. Red seems to have color dominance with regards to actual food products, as well. If red foods such as tomatoes, strawberries, and apples aren’t a natural part of the product, often times red packaging is used instead, such as with Coke, Skittles, and Campbell’s Soup. Red has also been linked to be effective in impulse buying. I think McDonald's has instilled in our head that their golden yellow arches mean tasty golden french fries. Yellow also is an attention getter.

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