Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Learning Log: Not Enough Info Naked Choclate Cafe

There are websites with too little information. Enter: Oh lord, days ago I had ordered a dozen cupcakes & a cake for my room mates birthday. The only way I got any contact information for the store was because of informative guide sites like Yelp & Yellowpages. When you go to Naked Chocolate's website, there is literally no information. There are no buttons to click, there is no way to know where it is or how to reach them. Also there are at least 3 different Naked Chocolate Cafe's int he city of Philadelphia. I thought I was calling the one on 13th & Walnut. NO. I had called the one on 34th & Walnut. I had to cart myself all the way to University City when I could have conveniently gone around the corner. I blame this one on 411. But, if there was a clear informative website, I would have know where exactly I was ordering from. All you know is that its got delicious pastries & the website just tempts you. You find yourself asking' Where can I get these cupcakes?' and without some outside searching, you would never get to taste their deliciousness. It is a beautifully designed site, with little to no information at all.

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